6. Feb 2021 | 6-minute read

homegrowing a 'datacenter' (to scale)

because it’s no fun to orchestrate a single, single board computer, is it?

14. Dec 2020 | 5-minute read

to VIM, or not to VIM

I’m switching between Linux, Windows and Chrome OS on a daily basis - Vim is the one editor to rule them all

11. Jun 2020 | 4-minute read

I'm fed up with MSFT Visual Studio installers

Microsoft Visual Studio enterprise deployments - we shouldn’t be accepting this nonsense in 2020!

26. May 2020 | 1-minute read

my journey to Hugo - continued

turns out I should read the docs.

18. May 2020 | 5-minute read

migrating Wordpress to Hugo

five steps to move from wordpress to hugo.

26. Apr 2020 | 1-minute read

a new chapter

Today, 26th of April 2020 my daughter Rebecca was born. I managed to be there for childbirth at 0:57 am - seeing your child for first time … what a feeling!

18. Mar 2020 | 2-minute read

COVID-19 lockdown

Given the current situation, I’m more than happy that we’re living on the countryside.

2. Sep 2019 | 1-minute read

preparing for WinOps London 2019

my talk at WinOps will take place in about 3 weeks from now, this is going to be fun!

1. Sep 2019 | 2-minute read

the perfect camera bag?

Last year, I wrote a quick blogpost about my search for the perfect camera bag. The search may finally be over!

31. Aug 2019 | 1-minute read

a trip to Lofoten, Norway

In August we’ve visited northern the Lofoten islands in Norway. This holiday was quite special for us, as we’ve hired a campervan for the first time.