– Hi, my name is Manfred. I’m a father, husband, software developer and photographer.

5. Feb 2017 | 1-minute read

Snow’s Gone – Drone Training Continued!

Today in the orchard …

2. Feb 2017 | 5-minute read

It’s All About The Choco(latey?)

Things chocolate is good for: eating chocolate – the darker the better chocolate fondue chocolate brownies triple choco cookies installing software installing software .

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1. Feb 2017 | 1-minute read

Wrapping A PowerShell-Script Call In A Batchfile

Yet another opinion on this topic, YAY! As I wasn’t satisfied with the most common solutions out there (first 5 google hits) – I’ve decided to create a .

31. Jan 2017 | 2-minute read


made-up word by flurl, likeness to strugggle is not coincidental.

31. Jan 2017 | 1-minute read

Main Travel Destination 2017

It has changed several times during the last couple of months – but now it’s fixed, alea iacta est, it’s going to be the Azores.