I’m a software developer located near Graz, Austria. Since 2010, I’ve been working on different projects in a variety of areas, including work for

  • TV-broadcasting providers (video-on-demand) – JavaScript
  • research and development (scalable video surveillance) – Java
  • CRM and workflow optimization – PHP
  • performance analysis and optimization in automotive engineering – C/C++
  • arbitrary configuration parsers and serialization in automotive engineering – C/C++ | XSLT | Java
  • software deployment & configuration automation – C# | PowerShell

I consider myself to be a Linux-advocate, nevertheless I enjoy my Chocolatey and PowerShell-driven Windows PC at work 🙂

In my spare-time I am travelling as much as possible, there are so many great places to see! I try to take photos wherever I go, you probably won’t meet me without one of my camera bags over a shoulder 😉