long time no see

Mon, Nov 15, 2021 2-minute read

– A short status update –


On August 2nd, my second daughter Elisabeth was born. Now I’m living together with my 4 girls (wife, two daughters, Skye the dog) and ever since Elisabeth was born I’ve got a whole new understanding about the value of a good nights sleep 😄

I thoroughly enjoy walking Skye together with the girls, unfortunately autumn is already fading and it’s getting colder each and every day.


Ever since COVID-19, I’ve been working from home - initially 5, now 2 days a week. After getting a proper electrically height-adjustable desk and moving rooms around a little my “office” really became a place where I can focus on work and enjoy working in. As additional benefit, not having to commute 90+ minutes each day gives more time to spend with the kids, doing a short run with Skye or just enjoy the nature around.

If you’re still struggling getting comfortable with WFH, take a look at this post from Paul - most of this should be common sense, yet it helped me to become more aware of the changed situation and actively adjust to it.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 - Windows no more!

Seriously Microsoft, what the heck?!

I purchased a Surface Book 2 in 2018 to enjoy a “premium Windows device”, 3 years later I cannot get Windows 11 via the normal update path? That’s not acceptable to me, I’m neither going to “sideload” Win11 nor throw away hardware that’s maybe not the latest, yet in perfectly working condition.

As of today, I’ve got no Windows OS on bare metal at home, just like before I purchased that shiny MSFT thingy in 2018. I’m now rolling Manjaro Linux on all of my Laptops/Workstations, Proxmox on my homelab-servers and Raspberry Pi OS as base for my Raspberry Cluster.

“No Windows?” you may ask

No entirely. I’m using Vagrant and a couple of Stefan Scherer’s amazing boxes from the Vagrant Cloud in order to be able to continue contributing to (or maintaining) some OSS projects I care about, such as Boxstarter or my tiny pet-project Rocolatey.

Fun fact: at the time of writing this post, I’ve got both, a Win11 and Win2022 VM up and running on this very same Surface Book 2 that Microsoft decided not to provide support for 😉

I really do hope to be able to come back to writing on a more regular basis, hope to catch up soon!

~ till next time