a trip to Lofoten, Norway

Sat, Aug 31, 2019 1-minute read

Hey! Another holiday destination to check off: this August we’ve visited northern Norway, the Lofoten islands to be exact. This holiday was quite special for us, as we’ve hired a campervan for the first time. Going by camper was a lot of fun: my wife and I basically had no clue where we’d be going next, the only thing we’ve really planned in advance was that we’d go from Evenes Airport to Å within two days (that’s two quite long drives). After that, we’d start from Å and spend a whole week going back north towards Narvik.

The picture above shows most of the spots we’ve visited, the 10 picutere below is our route, from 16th to 25th of August 2019.

As always, I brought my camera and a couple of lenses and tried to capture the beauty of the stunning landscape. We were lucky enough to not only have good weather, but also spot a couple of white-tailed Sea Eagles as well as a group of Orca whales!