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Back From Vacation

I’ve just returned from my 3-weeks vacation to the Azores – so there hasn’t been much going on here in the meantime 🙂
If you ever have the chance – the Azores are just an amazing place to see! We’ve traveled the islands Sao Miguel, Terceira, Pico as well as Faial, and all of them have at least those things in common:

  • beautiful landscape
  • great food
  • welcoming people

Here’s some pictures:

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be focusing on SoftwareAutomation and Invoke-Remote as much as possible, hopefully I’ll have time to put together post on this asap.

Main Travel Destination 2017

It has changed several times during the last couple of months – but now it’s fixed, alea iacta est, it’s going to be the Azores.

From July 23 to Aug 11, our ‘travel-party’ will visit the islands

  • Sao Miguel
  • Terceira
  •  Faial
  •  Pico
  • Sao Jorge

I’m happy to announce Andy is going to be part of the party this year – so it’s a total of 7 again! (Andy, Carrie, Flurl, Fredl, Joggl, Maxl, Meli)

What are we going to do? – a lot of hiking, photography, wine (and tea!) tasting, chillin – basically whatever we want to do 😀

Looking forward to this experience!