Invoke-Remote continued …

I’ve continued to work on my little side project Invoke-Remote!
.. totally hyped about how this works out! 😀

Get the latest version on GitHub!

Read on for a little ‘Demo’ 🙂

Import-Module .\Invoke-Remote.psm1 -Verbose
VERBOSE: Importing alias ‘Install-ChocolateyRemote’.
VERBOSE: Importing alias ‘Invoke-Remote’.
VERBOSE: Importing alias ‘Invoke-RemotePsake’.
VERBOSE: Importing alias ‘ir’.
VERBOSE: Importing alias ‘ir-choco’.
VERBOSE: Importing alias ‘ir-psake’.
Invoke-RemotePsake wallnerm -Path E:\tmp\default.ps1 -Tasks “Foo,Bar” -Credential mw
[2017-02-17 22:32:32.952] : IR]   Invoke-RemotePsake
[2017-02-17 22:32:37.961] : IR] connected to ‘wallnerm’
[2017-02-17 22:32:37.963] : IR] determining path of new temp directory…
[2017-02-17 22:32:38.147] : IR] creating temp directory ‘C:\Users\mw\AppData\Local\Temp\083b496e-b0e7-41e0-9b18-3e3d2629f27a’
[2017-02-17 22:32:38.184] : IR] sending file ‘E:\tmp\default.ps1’ to
‘C:\Users\mw\AppData\Local\Temp\083b496e-b0e7-41e0-9b18-3e3d2629f27a’ on remote
VERBOSE: Performing the operation “Copy File” on target “Item: E:\tmp\default.ps1
Destination: C:\Users\mw\AppData\Local\Temp\083b496e-b0e7-41e0-9b18-3e3d2629f27a”.
psake version 4.6.0
Copyright (c) 2010-2014 James Kovacs & Contributors
Executing Foo
This is Foo
Executing Bar
Build Succeeded!
Build Time Report
Name   Duration
----   --------
Foo    00:00:00.0375104
Bar    00:00:00.0314325
Total: 00:00:00.1380690
ir wallnerm -commands “‘hoi'” -Credential mw
[2017-02-17 22:33:24.432] : IR]   Invoke-Remote
[2017-02-17 22:33:33.945] : IR] connected to ‘wallnerm’
Name                           Value
----                           -----
commands_in                    {‘hoi’}
commands_out                   {hoi}

Get the latest version on GitHub!

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