Month: January 2017


made-up word by flurl,  likeness to strugggle is not coincidental.

Everyone has Schdraggl, it’s always real, always understimated and commonly increases between 00:01am and 23:59pm.


Schdraggl is both noun and verb. “schdraggl” is equivalent to “schdraggel”, there is no comparative form, the only valid superlative is a ‘deep schdraggl’ or ‘monster schdraggl’ (both semantically equivalent).

Sample Usage


– something is really getting on my nerves

“omg schdraggl”

– someone just said something really stupid

~ probably by Flurl

“… #schdraggl”

– I don’t want to do what I’m doing right now, but I have to

“uni schdraggl”

– something related to University is not going the way I want it to

~ probably by Fredl

“WWSD (What Would Schdraggl Do)”

– What is the worst thing that could happen right now.
… don’t use this to often, it’s going to happen!

~ Flurl

“make schdraggl great again”

– everyone just needs a wristband with that slogan.

~ Flurl

“schdraggel is always bigger”

– you think it’s bad? HA! it’s going to be even worse later on.

~ Nico


– you know you’re about to do something really stupid, but cannot change it.
– your schdraggl is getting bigger after you’ve done it
– and even more so three weeks after.

~ Nico

… more uses will be added to the list as they occur and if they funny enough in my opinion 🙂

Main Travel Destination 2017

It has changed several times during the last couple of months – but now it’s fixed, alea iacta est, it’s going to be the Azores.

From July 23 to Aug 11, our ‘travel-party’ will visit the islands

  • Sao Miguel
  • Terceira
  •  Faial
  •  Pico
  • Sao Jorge

I’m happy to announce Andy is going to be part of the party this year – so it’s a total of 7 again! (Andy, Carrie, Flurl, Fredl, Joggl, Maxl, Meli)

What are we going to do? – a lot of hiking, photography, wine (and tea!) tasting, chillin – basically whatever we want to do 😀

Looking forward to this experience!